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Antique Prints, Historic Maps
 & Fine Art Reproductions

Welcome to The Red House Collection, your source for 17th, 18th and 19th century original antique prints, fine art antique print and historic map reproductions, decorative art & mirrors.

Browse our online catalog for original antique prints by John J. AudubonJohannes Kip, McKenney and Hall, the Bucks, Berlese, Bartlett, Lowe, DentonNeufforge and many other great artists and printers.  We recently added a collection of rare antique Audubon First Royal Octavo Prints from The Birds of America and many new first edition Audubon Mammal prints.  Also, c
heck out our selection of Limited Edition prints.

The Red House Collection is the online store for The Framing Alternative, a fine art and custom framing store in Cape Neddick, ME. We have been in business since 1985 and for years have offered an exceptional selection of authentic antique prints and creative decorative accessories to our local customers. Now we have the opportunity to open our doors to a much larger audience so you can find just the right antique print or art for your home. 

                                 Thanks for visiting.

Choose from the Catagories below or the menu on the left to view our fine selection of prints, art and framed accessories.  

antique prints of education charts

Original Antique Prints


Botanical Fruit          Botanical Flowers      Botanical Ferns/Foliage         Natural History  
Jardine Fruitier           Wm. Curtis                      Lowe Ferns                                   J. J. Audubon Birds
Anderson Fruit           Van Houtte                      Lowe Beautiful Leaves               Morris Eggs & Nests
German Fruit              Roses Rosier                    Palms                                           Henry Seebohm Eggs
                                      Woodville Medical                                                               Jardine Birds of Prey
                                      Berlese Camellias           Miscellaneous                         Wm. Jardine Parrots 
Architecturals           Landscapes                   C. Barker Fairies                        J. J. Audubon Mammals
deNeufforge                  Wm. Bartlett                   Angelo Fencing                          Schinz Mammals
                                       PicturesqueAm.              New Education Charts              Wm. Jardine Whales
Portraits                      Kips Views                                                                            S. F. Denton Fish
Brown’s Portraits        Bucks Views
                   Native Americans                   Howitt Animals
Washington Prints
     Wm. Turner                    McKenney&Hall
                        Geo. Sowerby Shells 
Lincoln Prints

Featured Products


Brown's - George Washington Silhouette
Brown's  -  George Washington Silhouette
Price: $125.00
Browse more in Brown's Portraits category
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Denton - Alewife or Branch Herring
Denton - Alewife or Branch Herring

Product Is Out Of Stock
Price: $80.00
Browse more in Denton Fish category
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Jardine - Spermacetti Whale, plate 10
Jardine - Spermacetti Whale, plate 10
Price: $100.00
Browse more in Jardine - Whales & Dolphins category
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Audubon - American Black or Silver Fox, PL CXVI
Audubon - American Black or Silver Fox, PL CXVI
Price: $500.00
Browse more in Audubon - Quadrupeds of North America category
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Audubon - Turkeys, Female & Young, Pl 288
Audubon - Turkeys, Female & Young, Pl 288
Price: $1,600.00
Browse more in Audubon - Birds of America category
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